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Two Heads are Better than One

Summary: Gaila and a classmate ponder an interesting aspect of a new cadet's unique physiology and lay plans to explore further

Fandom: Star Trek XI

Genre: Humor

Characters: Gaila, fem!OC, male!OC

Rating: NC-17 (mentions of Gaila/fem!OC and possibility of threesome)

Disclaimer: I won nothing but a strange imagination


"Seriously? Two?"

Gaila nodded solemnly, watching her classmate process the implications.

An obscenely speculative smile crossed Larissa's face. "Serial or parallel?"

Gaila grinned. She knew she'd chosen the right person to share this information with.  "I don't know ...yet. His planet just joined the Federation and he's the first to enter Starfleet."

"Then how do you...?"

"Mulhall in xenobiology," Gaila whispered. The woman was an invaluable source on alien physiology. It was a real shame that her peculiar attachment to monogamy kept her from doing anything really useful with the knowledge.  "It might be why he's been so resistant to hooking up with anyone so far."  By which she meant her own gloriously desirable green self, although why he'd think it would be an issue for an Orion she couldn't imagine.

"Hmm," Larissa's eyes slid to the dark blue hunk of Duamallian across the cafeteria. "Maybe the idea of just one woman is sort of strange for him, you know, considering..."

Yes! Great minds think alike!  "Poor guy, he's probably afraid to ask," Gaila crinkled her nose. "Humans can be so weird about threesomes."

"Not all humans," Larissa protested, smiling. "But I see you point.  He doesn't have much to go on and being the only one of his kind here, it has to be," she smirked slightly, "doubly hard for him."

"Yeah," Gaila giggled.  "And he seems kind of shy.  If he's ever going to learn to adapt, I think it may be up to us to help him."

Larissa considered the potential beneficiary of their expertise. "A direct approach might scare him off, but maybe if he were to come over to study and 'catch' the two of us together -"

"We could invite him to join in!" Gaila clapped gleefully. Not only was Larissa a tactical genius, but despite all that human-pink skin she was practically an Orion. Even if Mister Tall, Dark and Two-Cocked ran for the hills, the effort would be far from wasted. "I just knew you'd help me come up with the perfect plan."

"Well you know what they say," Larissa grinned at her. "Two heads are better then one."

Gaila beamed a sly smile. "With any luck, we'll find out."


AN:  Just silly little drabble inspired by a comment that the most improbable thing in 'Hitchhiker's Guide' was that if someone like Zaphod could add a second head, it would be the kind to go on his shoulders.

Yes, Larissa is the same OC that appears in 'The Affairs of Dragons'.

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