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Title: What Could Go Wrong
Pairing:  George Kirk/Winona Kirk
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Summary:  George still viewed this process with wonder and Winona really needed that to carry her through because this pregnancy was harder than the first.  A moment between Winona and George a few days before everything goes sideways. Musing on why she’s out there with him despite her less-than-fully-fit-for-duty condition. 
Warnings: None, except reference to discomfort of pregnancy
Disclaimer: Don't own them, but I'm grateful to be able to write about them


Winona Kirk allowed her husband to help haul her out of the chair.  A small smile played on his lips as she made it to her feet and he ran a hand lightly over her distended belly.  That smile was the reason she'd agreed to leave Sam with her sister and come with him on this mission despite her less-than-fully-fit-for-duty condition.

Hey, it'll be no problem - light duty and we'll be home before your ankles even start to swell.  Sometimes that can-do, no-problem confidence that made him a natural leader drove her crazy.  But George still viewed this process with wonder and Winona really needed that to carry her through. 

Her first pregnancy has been easy, or maybe her own sense of awe at a new life growing inside her had let her brush aside the less pleasant aspects, but this time around was harder.  She felt more tired, more swollen, more irritable, and the morning sickness was hanging on well beyond the first few months.

"It'll be alright," George said, as though reading her mind. "Three more days of mapping and we head home.  Then you can lay on the couch and let me take care of everything until Baby 2.0 arrives."

She leaned into his hands as he rubbed her back, smoothing muscles sore from an unbalanced load, and gave him a weak smile. "I'm going to hold you to that, you know.  No finding another mission critical excuse to run off this time."

Sam had been an easy pregnancy, but a hard labor and George had managed to miss the first six hours (not intentionally, but she was still never going to let him forget it).

"Not a chance," George chuckled, watching a ripple mark her stomach when the baby kicked.  "In fact, I'll be sticking extra close.  This one's so active; he's likely to shoot right out."

Everyone kept assuring her that second babies usually came more easily, so maybe when it came to delivery there's be some compensation for the pregnancy itself being less a journey of wonder than a long, difficult slog toward the due date.

"Let's hope," Winona held up crossed fingers and laid her other hand on the bulge where an active baby was turning her womb into a fetal playroom.  "As long as he stays in there until we get home."

"He's not due for six more weeks and even if makes a break for it, we've got a great medbay on this ship." George gave her a teasing smile. "Hey, if he's born at warp, we can name him Zephram."

"I don't think so." She fixed him with a look.  He was trying to cheer her up, but her brain felt too water-logged with excess hormones to play the name game now. 

Their first had had a name waiting from the moment they'd known, but they couldn't quite settle on a second boy's name ("Well, it's hard to beat a name as perfect as 'George Samuel'," as her husband would deadpan).  Still, maybe having one would make her feel more prepared.  Right now uncertainty felt like a bad omen. Winona wasn't superstitious, but a shiver went down her spine at the thought.

George put his arm around her and she tried to let his warmth and confidence, that natural steady optimism that sometimes drove her mad, lift her spirit.  "I just can't help worrying."

He brushed a strand of hair around ear and kissed her forehead. "Five more days and then we'll be home.  What could go wrong?"


AN:  Based a little on remembering how my own second pregnancy was unexpectedly harder.

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